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Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table

Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table
From Festool

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Product Description

FESTOOL Multifunction Table

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #261367 in Home Improvement
  • Color: Perforated tan top and metal legs
  • Brand: Festool
  • Model: MFT/3
  • Dimensions: 10.00" h x 33.50" w x 49.00" l,


  • Can easily be carried to a jobsite, due to its compact size and lightweight.
  • Accurate and repeatable cuts with the guide rail and plunge saw or routers.
  • Clamp faster with uniform holes and Festool clamps.
  • Use with legs folded out, at full height, or folded in and set on the floor.
  • Cost effective, durable, long lasting design that offers maximum versatility.

Editorial Reviews
The Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table offers a portable, ergonomically designed workspace that's ideal for everything from rough cutting to fine sanding and assembly. It offers a perforated top that's easy to attach tools, guides, and work pieces to, side channels for attaching clamps, and folding legs that allow you to select from two working heights. More than just a table, this kit includes an adjustable stop, an angle unit (protractor head), a fence rail and fence rail clamp, an FS 1080 guide rail, and two guide rail supports.

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Multifunction Table
At a Glance:
  • Perforated top and integrated side rails offer configuration options

  • Ergonomic table height helps you work comfortably

  • Large 43-3/8-inch by 28-1/4-inch workspace

  • Support loads up to 260 pounds

  • Folding design is sturdy yet easy to transport
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Festool MFT/3 Multifunction TableAngle stop stabilizes fence end to ensure accurate cuts. View larger.
Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table

Perforated work surface and integrated side rails offer a wide variety of clamping configurations. View larger.

Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table

Integrated T-Groove side rail lets you easily connect two or more Multi-Function Tables. View larger.

Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table

Angle unit removes and attaches easily, remains stationary when needed, and has detents for common angles. View larger.

Angle StopRubber feet protect floors and prevent movement.

Threaded InsertThreaded inserts protect work surfaces.

ErgonomicsErgonomically positioned tensioning knobs.
Large, Versatile, and Portable Work Area
Built to be sturdy, the Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table offers a workspace that measure 43-3/8-inches by 28-1/4-inches, and can support loads up to 260 pounds. Whether you're cutting, routing, sanding, or simply prepping materials for assembly, this ergonomically designed table places your work at the perfect height of 35-7/16 inches, so you can focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about back strain or awkward tool positioning.

If you need more workspace than a single table offers, the table's integrated T-groove side rails can be used to quickly and easily connect two or more Multi-Function Tables to one another. Optional connectors (not included) fit into the side rails to create a sturdy, gap-free bridge.

The multifunction table weighs 54 pounds, allowing you to move it around your workshop or transport it to and from job sites.

Perforated Top Makes Clamping Easy
Designed to work with a large assortment of Festool clamps, the MFT/3 Multifunction Table offers a wide variety of clamping configurations that are ideally suited to both traditional materials and awkward, or oddly shaped, materials.

The table's perforated work surface offers plenty of attachment points. And while previous models of the Multifunction Table used a coarse wood screw for attaching the top, this most recent incarnation offers threaded inserts. These inserts not only prevent damage from over-torquing, but also establish a reference point that makes attaching the top quicker and easier.

Folding Legs Offer Safety, Utility, and Easy Transport
Folding legs make transporting the MFT/3 Multifunction Table to and from job sites easy by providing it with a lightweight, compact profile. The tensioning knobs for the legs are placed far enough from the sides of the table so that you don't have to worry about pinching or banging your hands as you secure the legs. And while you're working you don't have to worry about the table sliding or marking floor surfaces, thanks to the rubber foot caps on the legs.

By allowing you to place the work surface cleanly on the ground, the table's folding design also offers a second workable configuration that's ideal for keeping your tools and clamps at hand for applications like installing flooring.

Includes Guide Rail, Angle Unit, and Angle Stop
Able to deliver precise, splinter-free cuts that are safer than cuts made with a conventional table or radial arm saw, the MFT/3's integrated guide-rail system allows you to make accurate cuts up to three inches deep. Plus it can handle materials that measure up to 27-9/16 inches wide.

In addition, the included angle unit allows for precise, repeatable cuts. Featuring detents at common angles and an easy-to-adjust design, this unit allows you to leave the guide rail and saw in one place while repositioning the work piece and fence. Compared to a miter saw setup where the entire saw head must be repositioned, this saves you time and frustration when it comes time to change cut angles. Plus the angle nit attaches to the table using the V-Groove side rail, enabling easy repositioning, removal, or reattachment.

Also included is an angle stop, which also attaches to the Multi-Function Table using the V-Groove side rail. This stop prevents movement of the angle unit by stabilizing the end of the fence, and it can easily be removed or repositioned using a simple, secure locking knob.

The Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table is backed by a three-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What's in the Box
Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table, adjustable stop, angle unit (protractor head), fence rail and fence rail clamp, FS 1080 guide rail, and two guide rail supports.

Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table

From the Manufacturer
A stable workbench is critical to most, if not all, cutting operations and assembly work. The inability to move the workbench from the workshop to the jobsite can be limiting. The MFT/3 multifunction table system is a versatile, flexible, and economical solution that can easily be carried to the jobsite or kept in a workshop. The MFT/3 has an optimized work height of 35-7/16”. The MFT/3 includes guide rail supports, an angle unit, fence and clamp, adjustable stop, and guide rail. This makes for the ultimate work station for sawing, routing, sanding, and clamping. The fence and miter gauge are designed for stability and accurate results. The integrated guide rail can be used with Festool TS plunge saws and OF routers to make cut-offs, angle cuts, and compound cuts. When combined with a router, make straight, accurate dadoes and flutes. The MFT/3 also features a perforated top and side channels for attaching clamps and using bench dogs. Festool offers a wide array of clamping accessories with are compatible with the MFT/3. Connectors are available for joining multiple MFT/3 tables together. The folding legs to allow you to position the MFT/3 at floor level and enable easy transport. All of this in a portable package that can easily be carried to the work site or kept in a shop. Also available in a Basic version without fence, angle unit and guide rail (495888). Dimensions: 45-9/16 inches by 30-7/16 inches. Height: 35-7/16 inches (7-3/32 inches when legs are folded). Maximum workpiece size: 3-1/16 inches thick, 27-9/16 inches wide. Weight: 62 pounds. Made in Germany.

Customer Reviews

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3does what it is supposed to do, but could have been built better for the money
By B. Moore
Other people have already given very thorough reviews on this table and Amazon's info is quite thorough to begin with, so I'm not going to waste time repeating things that have already been said. If you have one of Festool's plunge saws then this table is almost a must-have accessory. I bought my table this past Christmas and I have used it quite a bit. The only problem I have with the table is that it is annoyingly wobbly, or more accurately I should say it sways side to side with the slightest pressure. For over $600 I would expect that this table would be so much more stable than it is. Apparently, Festool even knows how wobbly their product is because they sell leg braces for the thing--for an extra $85! Those leg braces should have been included with the table for free! To call something "portable" is no excuse for building a wobbly table. There has to be a way to make foldable legs on this table that are much more stable than these are. I recently bought an off-brand tile saw with a folding stand with two wheels and two feet--the stand cost $50--and I tell you that $50 stand is easily 10 times more stable than this Festool table. Nobody expects a portable table to be as rock solid as a 600 pound table saw, but Festool could have and should have done much better than this. Just welding an "X" between the legs instead of a single straight bar probably would have done the trick, along with those $85 braces.

On the positive side, the table does perform as advertised--although they never mention the swaying. Still, I have used my table with no problems because my work stays in place even though the table sways. Still, I am tempted to weld some additional bracing to my table to fix the problem. I really think Festool needs to redesign the legs and offer them to the people who already bought this thing for free.

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4Good for jobsite cutting and a versatile work table
By Loren Woirhaye
Festool stuff is all really well made and well designed. I've been
buying and using Festool stuff for many years.

Most Festool is, however, meant for jobsite use.

There's a bit of a cult of Festool that, perhaps lacking
experience with heavy machinery and the demands of professional
cabinetmaking, believes that Festool is faster and more
accurate than stationary machines. It is not.

The Festool MFT tables are very, very useful for holding work
for sanding and routing. The illusion that you should not
have is that it is equal to a panel saw for production
cross-cutting of cabinet parts. It is not. This is why:
the frame is an bolted-together aluminum extrusion on four
legs. As a general workbench it is pretty sturdy and gives
you confidence. As a cross-cutting tool, it flexes and
inevitably drifts in and out of square. How square square is
depends on what you need to accomplish, but for professional
cabinetmaking it is not consistently square enough and requires
constant checking for accuracy.

In addition, the saw guide will dip into cuts a bit where the
guide is unsupported at the front end of the cut, a situation
that will occur often when using this table for crosscuts
under 24". You can mitigate the dipping factor by supporting
the guide with pieces of scrap, but it's another thing to
remember to do if you want the best cut quality. Additionally
there is some blade flutter from the plunge saws. The saws
are great for what they are, and runout is as minimal as you
could ask for a portable saw, but in use (especially in hardwoods)
the blade will deflect here and there.

The result is that cuts will not be totally consistent and in
either axis from piece to piece, particularly in solid woods
thicker than 1 inch. I've cut rails and styles for many doors
using the Festool system and in conclusion I will say that
while the Festool beats a miter saw for versatility, for
accuracy in crosscutting cabinet parts within its capacity,
a $150 10" or 8.5" (name brand) miter saw will outperform the
Festool table in terms of consistency from piece to piece.

So, it's a darned useful tool for holding work for sanding and
routing and as a versatile bench for jobsite use it is
exceptionally versatile and delivers accurate-enough crosscuts -
but it is no substitute for a stationary panel-squaring set-up
for professional use in the workshop. It's a good tool, but
don't buy the hype. If you're a pro cabinetmaker you'll need
something else for everyday panel squaring.

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4A Table to Last
By John Bare
At first glace at the pictures this table looks kind of like a card-table but I assure you it is a heavy duty sturdy monster. Guess I am getting old but it is hard for me to carry around it is heavier then it looks, made of heavy duty stuff. The only reason for the four stars is price, even though this is a long-term investment that I will be using way into the future the thing ain't cheap but necessary if you are using the track saw system.

Buying high priced quality tools you only CRY ONCE, when you write the check, not every time you use it!

If this is something you are thinking of getting, Go For It!

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